Dermal Fillers

Dermalfillers are injectable products that are used to smooth away facial lines, wrinkles and enhance facial features including lip augmentation and the fluid facelift. The fillers used are made from Hyluronic acid and include Juverderm Ultra. These fillers don’t just fill the lines, they can actually treat the skin, rebuilding and creating increased tone and elasticity.

Different strengths can be used, specifically tailored to enhance the different areas of the face. All contain local anaesthetic to ensure the procedure is comfortable.

Dr Sue is at the forefront of the industry in understanding and developing new methods and techniques. Her highly skilled ability combined with a fabulous aesthetic eye ensures her patients achieve a natural refresh appearance.

Dr Sue will perform a full medical consultation to assess your general health and discuss the options available prior to any procedure being performed.

Dr Sue

Dr Susan Holdstock

Founder/Medical Director

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