Botox injections balance the superficial facial muscles helping to reduce wrinkles including crow’s feet, frown and forehead lines, cheek and lip lines, and can lift the face and neck. 

Frequently asked Questions:

What does the treatment entail?
Botox injections are carried out using a series of small precise injections to the face and neck. The procedure only takes 30 minutes. A full consultation and analysis of the patient’s skin and requirements will be taken prior to the treatment.

What results can be expected?
We aim to provide a fresh relaxed look, never frozen. Each procedure is tailored to suit the patient’s skin and preferences. Results will appear within 4-10 days. Muscle movement typically returns within 3-6 months following the treatment. It is recommended to repeat the treatment between three and six months to maintain the desired results.

How much does botox cost?
Botox prices start from £200.

Dr Sue will give you a full consultation to determine how much Botox will be required. Each treatment includes a free two-week check-up to ensure perfect results.