At Dr Sue clinic we aim to treat the underlying condition that causes wrinkles, following and uneven skin. Our fillers can help lift, repair, strengthen and support your skin giving a firm radiant appearance.

At the initial consultation Dr Sue will assess your skin and facial structure and will discuss the results you are hoping to achieve, picking the type strength and amount of filler you may need. The effects of different filters can be varied. While some plump the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines others can give a hydrated tone and a healthy glow. Whilst some are more specific and can enhance more targeted features such as redefining lips or supporting hollow cheeks and gels.

Fillers can be used in areas across the face, neck, neck décolletage and hands.

Most filler treatment will last between 6-18 months.

Frequently asked questions:

What does the treatment entail?
Dr Sue will assess your needs and choose appropriate fillers. A local numbing cream is applied prior to treatment and fillers contain local anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable.
All fillers carry a risk of bruising which is minimised using tiny needles or gentle cannulas.

What results can be expected?
All fillers and specialised techniques have been created to gently enhance and achieve impressive results while retaining a natural look that works in perfect harmony with your facial proportions.

The results from fillers can last between 6 and 18 months depending on the type used and the area treated.

How much do fillers cost?
Filler prices start from £200.

Dr Sue will give you a full consultation to determine how much and what type of filler will be required. Each treatment includes a free two-week check-up.